Tracy Winterton
Pet Photographer

I am a qualified dog trainer whom has worked with dogs for over 20 years (since year 2000). I love my job & got into photography when working in packs of dogs, taking pictures of over 300 dogs a week. I did a photography course specialising in falconry (birds of flight) in year 2012.

I think my dog training helps me capture those best shots due to the communication between me & the dog. Lots of owners quote how did you get them to pose so still & look so relaxed! 

I did a photography course after years of taking pictures & was supposed to be a side line to my online training company & my calming supplement for dogs, but it has become really busy with lots of demand.

I am a mum of 3 children under 8 & 3 dogs (labrador, spine & slumber spaniel) of which i love taking pictures of too.

I work a little differently from other photographers,

You can either come with your dog & help me throughout the shoot


I ask you to drop them off for 2 hours so you can go do your food shop, visit a pal locally or just wait in waiting room or carpark. I find that having the dog just me & them gets them to really look down the lens & really connect with me as a dog handler & photographer.

We wanted to keep photo sessions at an affordable rate so that you can have keep sake memories of them. We don't want you forking out for sitting fees to come out with one picture or having to pay hundreds of pounds to get the prints you want.

Our dogs are our companions so having pictures done to add to our family albums & put round our home is important.